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3 easy steps to selling your business


Non-Disclosure Agreement

Download, Sign and Return the Non-disclosure Agreement with your Asking Price, attach 3 years of your Schedule C tax returns, 6 Months of your Bank Statements, 3 Months of your Merchant Statements. Once we receive your financial Statements, we will review the documents and do a detailed evaluation of your business.



We are not here to rip any hard-working business owner off! We do not work with Brokers/Agents, we feel that a person who leech off another is not the type of people we want to deal with. We will provide you with Purchase options if we come to an agreement on the Acquisition Price. It's our goal to provide a win-win situation with all parties involved. We thrive to make the negotiations process simple as possible.



Obviously the part of the deal we love! Closing. Once we receive the Purchase Option Documents, we will submit the documents to our Attorneys, AND CLOSE THE DEAL.

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We are Not Brokers/Agents. We Buy Businesses. Get the Best Price For your Business.

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